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Sorry for those looking for bunches of Borlase content. I currently use this domain primarily for email.

The "Fitness Blog' navigation link is functional, and takes you to where I'm posting my daily pursuit of getting fit. As part of this fitness effort, I'm currently engaged in Triathlon training with the Saddleback Valley YMCA Triathlon Club. This club is a lot of fun, and has good trainers and people. I recommend it highly.
Saddleback Valley YMCA Triathlon Club

Weird Leg Bleed - 7/20/2009 safety tip while on Coumadin...don't pick at stuff!

Arthoscopic Knee Surgery

September 16th 2008- Dr. Schobert - tore medial meniscus at Santa Barbara during the run. Also did lateral meniscus, and a lateral release to realign the kneecap (unrelated to Santa Barbara damage). Quicktime Video (500mb), and a more modest 100MB version.

2009 Completed Events -

Encinitas Sprint Triathlon - May 2009 - Swim buddy - did swim / bike, no run
Ventura Breath of Life Triathlon - June 2009 - Swim buddy - did swim / bike. Had flu with 103 fever, and hacking blood. decided to bail out on run.
Santa Barbara - August 2009 Sprint & Long Course
Magic Mountain Man - October 11 2009 - Half Iron
Blue Water - November 2009 - Not sure whether to do long course or sprint yet

2008 Completed Events -
January 20 Carlsbad Half Marathon - (3:10. boy, this was not "fun". must run more often!)
July 1 - Pacific Sea Fesitval - (1 Mile open water swim) - Done
August 22-24 Santa Barbara Sprint Course (500y, 6 mile, 2 mile) - Done. Hurt knee.

2008 Planned Events -
May 8 - Napa 1/2 Iron (1.2m, 56m, 13.1m) - Moved to 2009 due to training shortages
September 14 - Nautica Malibu (0.5M, 18M, 4M) - Skipped dur to knee surgery
October 5 - Mission Bay Triathlon (0.5K, 15K, 5K) Will skip due to knee surgery
November 9 - Blue Water Long Course (1K, 53K, 8K) Might do sprint course this year

2007 Events
5K Runs
2007/5/28 Saddleback Memorial / Results
2007/6/10 Estancia High School XC / Track "Pancake Run"
2007/8/18 Lake Arrowhead (600y, 10m, 5k) / Results (1:52:31)
2007/8/26 Santa Barbara (500y, 6m, 2m) / Results (1:05:15)
2007/9/16 Malibu Nautica (0.5m, 18m, 4m) / Results (2:27:12)
2007/9/30 Mission Bay (500m, 15k, 5k) / Results (1:28:28)
2007/11/11 Blue Water (1k, 54k, 8k) / Results (3:49:31)
(long long day...17 minute bike loss, and meltdown on the run -hydration, hydration, hydration :)

Triathlon Pace Calculator (pace_calculator.xls)

Most workouts are loaded into Motionbased


I plan to add details on my engineering background and photography of my 2006 trip to South America (Peru, Equador, and the Galapagos).